Gay Speedo Bear Fetish

Speedo Bear Swim Wear

Furry Bears In Speedos : Yes!

Have a SpeedoBear fetish? What’s not to love about a Big Hairy Gay Bear man in a tiny Speedo. The lust for Speedo Bears is a growing and trending phenomenon that shows no signs of abating. Speedo Bear sightings are on the rise this time of year as winter gives way to summer and SpeedoBear fashion becomes all the rage.

Hairy Bear Butt - Wrapped In Spandex

Here in Palm Springs, Gay Bears and Muscle Bears in Speedos are a common sight all year round where heated swimming pools and clothing-optional Gay resorts are easily encountered. An endless assortment of hairy men in Speedo Spandex can be savored 24x7, 365 days a year. That’s why I live here. Generally, I’m not a brand-conscious Bear, but dangit when it comes to Gay Bear swimwear, every furry guy OUGHT to have at least one tight Speedo-something for their water-sports and pool-play activities.

Speedo Bears In Briefs

A personal favorite, Hairy Bears in skimpy SPEEDO BRIEF and bikini styles is always preferred. Surprisingly, the company makes quite a range of cuts and styles for the Bare-It-All Muscle Bear in a Speedo crowd. The ‘rise’ of the side panel at the hip can vary from a scandalously slim 1” rise as in the Solar Speedo model, 3” in the Classic Endurance/Sport swimming brief. For big boned Bears with a lot of Junk-In-The-Trunk, you can pack all that rump into as much as a 5” rise in the rather mid-century modern style high-waisted Speedo brief that brings back vintage memories of retro 1960’s spy film beach chases, or Lloyd Bridges in the TV show ’Sea Hunt’.

Speedo Bears In Trunks

For somewhat more conservative Speedo Bears, SPEEDO TRUNK style cuts are available with short to middling inseam lengths cut square across the thighs. I rather like that sort of look on some SpeedoBears. It gives a sort of geometric angularity to frame the Speedo Spandex while it accentuates the curvature of hairy thighs and furry upper body.

Speedo Bears In Jammers

For the truly ‘Thigh Shy’ Bear man, SPEEDO JAMMER style swimwear appeals to the Bear who’s a bit modest about showing off their Thunder-Thighs. They may also appeal to exceptionally well-hung Bears who need all that extra inseam length on their Speedo to properly pack their package and not have anything inadvertently poking it’s ugly head out at innocent bystanders.

Are You Into Speedo Bear Fashion?

Are you big, beefy, hairy or brazen enough to show your stuff in a Speedo? Some guys aren’t. For those who are, explore a more extensive evaluation of the cuts, fits, colors and styles for your particular Spandex Bear swimwear needs. You can visit the Speedo USA website and do additional research on the growing and bulging cult of Bear hairy men in Speedos and perhaps by doing a quick search on 'SpeedoBear' for them at Google Images or on Twitter.

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