Bear Jockstrap Fetish

Jock Straps For Bears

Beary Hairy Men In Jockstraps

Have a fetish for Bears in a jockstrap? What sight can be better than a big furry Bear man in a jock strap - wearing only an athletic supporter and nothing else? It keeps his package modestly packaged and neatly supported, but exposes all the furry, fuzzy best of the rest for admiration.

A Bear wearing a jock strap is practical too when scrotal support is needed on the job. A suprising number of burly, beefy blue-collar workmen need and wear a strap for good testicular and scrotal support during heavy lifting throughout their workday. Warehouse workers, delivery men, and many mechanical service men have active, strenuous and sweaty jobs.

Jockstrap Sweat And Odor Containment

Beyond supporting a big hairy man's junk, the pouches of a Bear's jock strap help sop up extra crotch sweat while letting thier furry exposed butt cracks breathe. Uncircumcised men are naturally more prone to odorous secretions, and may prefer the snugness of an athetic supporter to keep things from rolling and moving around too much, their glans covered, and well contained.

Wide vs Narrow Waistband Jock Straps

Most classsic jocks a Bear might wear will have a 2" or 3" waist band for sturdy support. That's optimal for active athletics like football, rugby, soccer and other intensely physical activities

Some Gay Bear men might prefer a 1" or narrower waist band for more minimalist support. Often called 'swimmers jocks' they are less likely to roll at the waist like wide band straps can do on big, husky Bear bellied men.

Synthetic vs Cotton Pouch Jock Straps

Most but not all jockstraps for a Bear's bulge contain some percentage of elastic or synthetic fabrics. Personally, we prefer high or 100% cotton pouches for maximum sweat absorbancy, though synthetic athletic supporter pouches can help with 'breathability'.

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