Sex Toys For Bears

Adult Toys For Horny Bears

Adult Toys For Big And Hairy Bear Bubbas

We all have 'em. We all need 'em. Or we should anyways. The right sex toys can take your solo, partnered or even group sexual play to the next level. Some can also tie into some of your favorite kinks or fetishes for enhanced erotic pleasure.

Bears In Handcuffs And Restraints

Some Bears are hard to control and need discipline and restraint: The BD part in BDSM - though the Sado-Masochism SM part is completely optional There's a great range of bondage products to keep them in line. Classic metal police detention hand-cuffs are popular in most people's minds, but

Bear Hairy Male Nipple Play

You might have to dig through some chest fur to get at 'em, but many Gay Bear men love having their nipples worked on and worked over. Supple Nipps silicon nipple sucking cups are a great addition to your sexual playtime toy chest. Nipple clamps and clips are an alternative with various 'bite' strengths from gentle to vicious depending on you or your sex partner's preferences.

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