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Manscaping Q & A : Manscaper FAQ

Manscaping isn't a four letter word. If you're wondering about manscaping: Where it came from, why men do it, what hair removal tools manscaper's use, and whatnot: You've come to the right place. This Manscaping FAQ will try to satisfy your curiosity, concerns and questions about male body grooming above and below the belt with candid, honest answers.

Body Hair Grooming Tools - For Everywhere!

These recommended Bearscaping kits and other male grooming products featured on this site will assist you during the procedure to make a manscape session fast and efficient, safe, and with attractive results.

What Kind Of Guys Need To Manscape?

Patients - Pre-Op Prep Prior To Surgery

Actors - For Character Roles

Competitive Swimmers - For Drag Reduction

Athletes - For Taping And Support Equipment

BodyBuilders - For On-Stage Competition

Male Models - For Photoshoots

Go-Go Dancers - For Public Performance

Fetishists & Deviants - For Sexual Turn-On

Is Manscaping Gay?

Many Gay Bi and Straight men manscape. You don't have to be Gay to care about your appearance or want to shave or trim your pubic and body hair. As noted above, there are many valid reasons for trimming or removing unwanted body hair whether you're Gay, Pansexual or Straight.

Manscaping For Sex - SexScaping

Some bearish men go throughout the process of manscaping to please a sex partner or enhance their own sexuality. Many men who've never even thought of shaving their crotch / pubic area might want to consider at least trimming things up a bit for a neater or more pleasurable sexual encounter and experience.

It's Okay To Manscape

The social conventions that a man must implicitly be naturally hairy and never manscape has gradually disappeared as more men feel free to groom themselves in ways that they - and not society deems acceptable. It's your male body, do as you see fit.

This is especially true regarding the new era of manscaping. Guys are far freer to explore the shortening or removal of body hair for sexual, aesthetic or practical reasons. Every man will have his own motivations for wanting to manscape various body areas above and below the belt. For instance, some guys manscape for health, hygiene and grooming for a specific 'look', while others do it for purely business or practical reasons.

Benefits of Shaving or Trimming Genitals

You will find many different and not so apparent benefits for manscaping the crotch or other body region:
Easy to do and leaves skin feeling smooth to touch
Can enhance the pleasure of intercourse
Reduces terrible odors as bacterial or fungal growth is diminished
Encourages adventuresome genital play
Exposes the genitalia, often making it look larger in appearance
No need to visit a salon to have your crotch trimmed or waxed

The Drawbacks of Manscaping

Typically you will find a lot of benefits to manscaping as we've explained, but there may also be some unintended consequences of from the shaving or trimming procedure: Namely things like razor burn, cuts and wounds, ingrown hairs and resulting pimples, or irritation of skin particularly when hair is growing back out. These unintended ill effects are usually not serious and only temporary.

Choosing the right Bearscaping tools matter too. t

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