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Manscaping Sets For Trimming Butt Hair

Wondering what the best butt crack trimmer products are and how to manscape your ass? Wondering how to get rid of unwanted or excess buttcrack hair?

There's a fair number of specialized male body grooming trimmers and shavers that work well for ass hair removal. They're part of a growing range for men's personal grooming tools ideal for guys with very hairy rumps.

Some are cordless, rechargeable battery-powered trimmers. Some are AC powered. Some manscaping gear is for dry use only, but many others offer wet/dry trimming and foil shaving blades that can be rinsed afterwards for complete butt hair manscaping.

Butt Crack Manscaping Tools

Designed for Do-It-Yourself ass hair removal, these butt crack tools for manscaping feature generally small trimming heads, fine-toothed blades for precision cutting, guide combs and rechargeable / battery power for cordless, tangle-free manscaping sessions.

Anal Hair Trimmers

For the very delicate and sensitive area around the male rectum, the right anal hair trimmer manscaping tools for butt crack hair is needed. General purpose battery powered beard trimming sets with short clipper guides can be helpful in shortening your butt fur without the risks of nicks or ingrown hairs that smooth shaving often involves. Precision Detailers might be an even better choice.

Best Anal Hair Trimmer For 'Down There'

Wahl Personal Groomer and Trimmer

NOTE: Small PERSONAL TRIMMERS often sold for trimming eyebrows and ear hair are IDEAL for trimming anal hair. Precision Detailers typically feature a very small, fine trimmer head about 3/4" of an inch long for precise work around the anus. The included snap-on trimming guide comb normally used for eyebrows is perfect for shortening the hair around your bunghole - without having to worry about nicks from using a razor. Highly recommended.

Butt Hair Trimmer Products

You may find back hair trimmers are also good for shaving ass hair. Thier extra long handles make for far easier backside grooming of the outer butt - the gluteus. Some of these manscaper tools have fixed-length handles, others are hinged with extendable locking arm to be more compact for storage yet give good range for behind-the-back butt hair removal. With long or extendable handles, these butt hair shavers and trimmers allow a guy to reach back where he otherwise can't, to get at the pelt of fur covering their rumps.

Butt Hair Shavers vs Power Trimmers

There's really three approaches to butt hair manscaping:

- One is a trimming approach using a stubble trimmer. If you keep your butt hair 1/8th of an inch or longer, you'll avoid most of the the itching and chafing while removing the vast majority of your excess ass hair.

- Another is a direct shaving approach to wet shave the buttocks hairless and completely smooth. Muti-Blade (not single blade) disposable razors may be all you need, but if you have a very furry buttcrack and rump, expect to rinse out clogged blades often.

- The last and wisest may be a combination of initial trimming to get the rump hairs down to a short stubble, then ideally wet shaving for a very smooth manscape job across the entire buttocks and ass crack.

Bear men with exceptionally furry bottoms need some of the above featured specialized manscaper tools to perform do-it-yourself butt hair manscaping.

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