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Are you a fetishist at the sight of a burly, hairy man wearing a kilt? Interested in owning your own dress or utility kilt? We're seeing more kilted men confidently wearing mens kilts: Both formal tartan plaid and casual canvas, duck and twill modern cargo and utility kilts.

Cheap Canvas Men's Utility Kilts

Detailed Construction : 5 Color Choices

Men wearing kilts isn't just a Scotsman or Irish man thing only for historic dress in heritage tartan plaids. Or highland kilts limited to being seen only at highland games contests. Guys are more comfortable than ever wearing a kilt for any occasion.

Tooled 3-Tassle Kilt Sporran

100% Leather Men's Sporran

If your're looking to buy something more than a discount kilts or something better than an off-the-rack cheap kilt, a custom kilt from kilt makers such as Utilikilt and others offer modern cargo and utility kilts for more urban folk. Some offer custom side or rear pockets, snaps and riveting and detailing to order depending on your style and fashion sense.

Complete Bear Kilt Fetish Accessory Set

Sporran : Kilt Pin : Leather Belt & Buckle : Brooch

Gay men in kilts continue to be a hot gay fashion trend and guys love sharing upkilt photos. So there's alot of upkilt pictures of guys and bears going commando in kilts. So if you're looking for pictures of men in kilts and upskirt kilt photos there's some of that too in the kilted men pic gallery. Especially if you like a hairy man, bear in kilt photos, kilted bear men with thick hairy legs, and furry butts seem to turn guy's cranks.

No matter where you’re wearing a kilt, whether it’s formal or casual, a kilt pin should always be worn as an integral part of traditional Highland Dress and a great way to add additional detail and style to your men’s kilt.

Check out this interesting selection of Celtic Kilt Pins and Celtic Brooches to adorn your traditional Scottish tartan plaid or modern utility kilt.

There’s some really great styles and designs of kilt accessories available in traditional Scottish patterns and themes: Thistles, Crosses, Wolves, Celtic Knot designs and more, some very classic - others modern and edgy to suit your kilted style.

You might think a kilt pin or brooch has a primary function to fasten the aprons of the kilt together, but that would restrict movement when sitting down and risk tearing the fabric. Kilt brooches and pins are worn exclusively as a decorative item on a kilt’s flap, only be fastened through the top apron and not both. Traditional placement of the kilt brooch or pin is on the lower side of the edge of a kilt’s apron, the bottom about 4 inches from the hem.

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