Bearded Gay Bear Fetish Gear

Dirty Bear Sex Fiction by Rusty

As the Gay Bear Community began to coalesce in the late 1980's into the 1990's, Adult men's magazines catering to the hairy, horny and bearded Bear Man and his sexual perversions reached the market. Most featured furry naked male photo spreads and often a dirty smut story to get Bears horny, hard, and jacking off.

Possessing a vivid, depraved imagination - I wrote the filth that was in my dirty Bear whore imagination to great success! My homoerotic fiction was published in Bear Magazine, American Bear, and 100% Beef magazines over a decade. I was actually paid for my depraved, perverted published words once the issues hit the stands.

Bear Magazine Homoerotic Fiction

100% Beef Magazine Dirty Stories

American Bear Magazine Smut Tales

Draft & Rejected Handjob Writing

Not all jerk tales are - or deserved to be published. Some, like 'The Chair' - A lurid tale of a BarBear Barber who cholorforms and

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