Bearded Gay Bear Fetish Gear

by Rusty

Copyright © 1999
Shawn D. Smith

Gawd, I get horny out here! Unless you live on one, you don’t know what it’s like running a farm alone: How hard the work is. How long the days are. How isolating it gets. When things get real bad, I’ll drive hours to the big city, hungry for cock, wanting another man’s hands on me. Sometimes I get a quickie there with city guys who suddenly got other places to be after we cum. City guys who don't understand what my life is like at all, or why ya GOTTA get back to the cows by sundown. City guys who don’t wanna go 'out to the middle of nowhere' to spend no time with me.
Shit. IT AIN’T NOWHERE. Its home, dammit. It's what I know, and where I belong.


The years of gravel roads had really gotten to my old truck’s drive train. It was vibrating noisy something awful and today it snapped. Yet another hassle on the endless list of Things That Gotta Get Done. I’d busted my ass since dawn. Now it was nearly 4 p.m. and I was tired and hungry. But I had to drive the tractor into town to get a new U-joint, had to get back, had to milk the cows again soon.
The auto-parts place closed at 5 p.m. sharp. Didn’t know that for sure until I saw the sign on the door at maybe 5:20. The lights were out, except in back when I pressed against the glass to see. I saw something move! I banged on the door, hollering, “C’mon man, I need a part!”
Eventually, a guy came lumbering down the racks. Big, black-bearded lug in navy twill work clothes and NAPA cap. He stopped behind the counter, scowled and tapped his watch at me.
LIKE I DON'T KNOW IT, ASSHOLE! I put my hands together like, ‘I’m beggin' ya mister!’ So he digs in his pocket and riffles through some keys, lets me in, locks up behind us.
“What part? What model? What year?” he says wearily.
He was gruff and annoyed as he pulled a heavy book from under the counter. Then he grumbles, gets another and works through it too. Both our arms are resting on the counter. His big, hairy hands are all blackened greasy, and he’s got thick black hair on his forearms too. I look down, and my hands are big and dirty too like his, but mine are brown from dirt, the fur on my arms is brown to match it.
I looked up, just as he looked up too. Tall and big as me, right dead-on eye-to-eye. His full beard was black like coal, all straight and bristly like a scrub-brush. And mine's full too, but all curly and wooly and brown. I had a funny feeling like we was oddball twins or something. I thought, ‘Hell, he’s kinda like me!’ That got me going. I like guys big and hairy. My dick was getting hard just from him looking me square in the eyes like that.
His brown eyes darted back down, he cusses, “Shit, gawd dammit fuckin' parts numbers! One says this, the other that...” When he turns and goes back to the racks, I’m looking at his butt. I thought right then and there I wanted to shove my dick in it, wanted to fuck his ass.
He comes back with two boxes. Checks the books again and mutters, “Hell, I dunno. One of these two, for sure. I think. Maybe...”
We take ‘em out and look at ‘em both. We hand ‘em back and forth, then we hold 'em side by side. They look a little different, look a lot the same. Like him and me, I think. “I dunno either,” I said.
He asked if I’d ever put one in, and I hadn’t. I told him honestly I’m alot better with livestock, ain’t no good with machines. He came from behind the counter and went over to a rack, saying, “Well, ya need one of these...”
He stood beside me, tries to show me how the pry-tool thing to get the lock-rings off is supposed to work. The fur on his forearm brushed up against mine, he stood so close! I could smell the day’s sweat on him too. My cock was bucking and snorting in my pants something awful, him being so close to me like that!
I dunno what I’m saying all of a sudden, my brain is turning to a puddle of cow-shit. Mumbling to myself, like I do too much, but thinking I wish he’d shove his dick in me. His hairy forearm brushed up against mine again, and I’m going crazy!
“You want me to come over and help ya put it in? Is that what you’re askin’?”
I thought if I say what I’m thinking, I will get punched in the nose! So I say nothing. I just nod my head; Yup, I do.
“Well, lemme close up, and we’ll just take what we got to your place and make it work, okay? Follow me.”
So we head towards the back: him and the parts and his butt, and me and the pry-tool and my boner. We pass through an office, then a shop that’s got an engine yanked out in pieces on the floor.
“Hold on a sec...” he says, and he dead stops in his tracks. He unzips his fly, grunts, and starts pissing in a drain right there in the floor. He’s got no modesty around me, like we was best fishing buddies or something. Like when you’re out in a boat and ya gotta piss, well, ya just do. I made myself Try To Not Look, but from behind I saw that hot piss shooting down between his legs. I stand there like a dork, but in my spinning head, I wanna reach around and feel his cock, you know it.


He followed my tractor back to the farm. I’m trying to drive good but I can’t concentrate! My dick was all hard again. Shit, what a dirty old man I’m turning into. Been alone too long, I think. He’s just trying to be nice and help me fix my truck.
When we got there, he says, “Let’s have a look.” He yanks out his shirt-tails, hitches up his pants, then crawls down under my truck. He’s wearing bump-toe work shoes and dirty white socks, his blue pant legs pull up as he slides under. Thick, black hair on his shins shows out from under the cuffs. His shirt pulls up when he reaches for the U-joint. His belly is like that too, all hairy sticking out over his belt buckle. Gawd, I wanted jerk a load of cum on it just seeing him like that!
From under the truck he says, “Hand me the parts” so I crouch down. His greasy palm takes one, then the other. Then he says, “C’mere, look at these...”
I slid down under in the grass and gravel beside him. His furry arms are holding up both parts and I can smell his ripe armpit, I’m that close.
He turned his head towards me and asks, “Whadda ya think?”
Well, what I
actually thought was he had some blades of grass from the yard stuck in his beard. I just reached over to remove ‘em, not really thinking about it. Just did it, then it's too damn late. His eyes narrowed hard, looking at me, like, ‘What the FUCK you doin' touching me?’ Then I heard both parts hit the ground with a thud! I thought he was gonna slug me!
His arm reached over and he put his hand on my beard too, real gentle like, and he says, “Uh… Are ya gettin’ all hard like I am?”
I spazzed out, banging my noodle on the tailpipe. “Oh Jeeze, Yes!” I blurted. Next thing I know, he curled his fist into my beard and pulled me right into his bristly face. He’s shoving his hot, wet tongue in my mouth, he’s ripping out my shirttails, rubbing his rough, dirty hands all over my nipples, squeezing my crotch. All I can think is, if this is a dream, please do not let me wake up! I was getting me some!
We dug our hands into each other pants and felt each other up. Just like me, I’m thinking, feeling his thickness and size and tugging on the loose skin.
He sniffed his fingers when he pulled his hand out, then looked at me and licked them off like a fucking whore. He said he liked ‘em dirty, kept his dirty too. “Go on, feel it under the head,” he says.
I dug my thumb down under his skin, it felt real moist and hot. “Do ya do that sometimes?” he asked, “Just leave the load from jerkin’ off under your skin?”
When I pulled my fingers out and sniffed ‘em, I nearly blacked out - smelling another man’s dick after so long. “We gotta get out from under this truck right now, Mister,” I said, “before I hurt myself!”
We ambled to our feet, tore off our shirts, and pushed our pants down in two seconds flat. We stood there in the late sun, dirty hands rubbing all over each other’s hairy, muscular frames, dick’s sticking up and out, jacking each other like school boys. I looked around the yard nervously, worried someone might come up the drive -- ya never know -- and said, “Let’s git to the barn!”
We musta looked funny scuffling across the yard with our pants down around our boots! When we got in, that auto-parts guy plunked himself on a hay bale, stuck out a paw and introduced himself. “I'm Matt,” he said. “And whoever the hell you are, I hope you’re gonna suck my dick and fuck my ass good!”
“Bill,” I said. “And yup, I’m gonna!”
Matt untied his boots and undressed while I leaned against a post and did the same, stripping down to just our socks.
“Bull, huh? Funny name...”
I corrected him; “BILL. Name’s Bill.”
He reached out and shook my dick like he shook my hand. “Nice to meet ya, Bull,” he replied laughing.
Matt laid back on the bale, pulling his knees to his chest and showed off his big, hairy ass and brown hole. “Ya gotta eat it first... if ya wanna fuck me,” he said.
I crouched before him, wrapping my fist around his meat and burying my snout between his legs. His crotch smelled good, like a man’s should at the end of the workday. He had big, round nuts in a hairy, wrinkled bag. I lapped and licked the sweat off it, felt his cock throb in my hand with every lap of my tongue. I worked up his cock then down his crack. His butt was hairy like coarse steel wool, but when my tongue hit that pucker of soft flesh, I knew I was right on target. I really ate his bunghole, ate it loose and wet so I could fuck him easy.
“C’mon man, I like feedin’ too!” he said. So I turned around, straddling him on the bale. I squatted on his muzzle, rubbing my balls up against his beard, backing my ass onto his nose. Gawd, it felt good having another man’s whiskers between my legs, eating up my hole!
I bent down on the pucker of skin on his dick, going slow on his cock, wanting it to last forever. As I pulled and squeezed around the thick root of his meat, the wrinkled skin slid back over the smooth purple head. It was dirty alright, and I rubbed my beard all over it. I wanted my whiskers to smell like the cocksucker I was gonna be real soon now -- that I hadn’t been in too damn long!
Matt’s skin was thick and floppy, so I kept my mouth real loose as I sucked him. I really worked it with my lips, keeping his stiff bone wet and the skin up. What a fat, hot, fucking mouthful of meat!
I stood up and pushed my cock into his mouth. “Keep the skin forward,” I told Matt, "and eat my dick, eat it right down to the balls!" The first part was easy, my skin is tight, real tight like Dad’s was. The kind ya really had to tug to skin back over the head, but once it did, it stayed back all while my dick was hard. I fucked his face good while he beat his cock and fingered his ass. I liked that, a man who could play with his hole right in front of ya with no shame or modesty. I knew for sure he was my kinda guy!
We were getting into it! I was grunting, really plugging his mouth, and he was just gurgling and groaning on my dick. Suddenly, I noticed the cows were lowing and bellowing too, right along with us!
“Aww… shit.” I said to Matt, “Gotta milk the cows, dammit. Can’t wait forever, its gotta get done...”
“I grew up on a farm too,” Matt sighed, “So yeah, I know... Gotta do it.” So we worked it out that he’d wash the udders and I’d follow up with the milking machines.
We didn’t get dressed, just put on rubber boots and got to work. Matt looked real hot when he’d bend his hairy ass over wearing them boots. Especially squatting down under the cows -- his big cock and balls hanging down -- like he was ready for milking too. He looked up at me with them brown eyes. He said I looked damn handsome, with my ‘bull-cock’ he called it, flopping around under my big belly like that. Man, I’m such a softy, him looking at me like I was something special to him. I held his head in my hands, rubbing his whiskers and just smiled, feeling all sappy inside.
Well, it took the two of us as long as it usually took just me ‘cuz we were constantly fiddling with each other's dicks through the whole milking. Afterwards, while I fed the cows, Matt refilled the water stations. By the time we got down to the end, he was on his knees wanting to suck my cock some more, begging me to bone him up the ass.
I grabbed some twine hanging from a nail on a post, cut it with my teeth and gave half to him. I told him to do like me, and we both tied our cocks and balls up really snug. I planted my boots wide and jacked my dick up stiff for him; right in his face until my cock was deep purple and the veins were just bulging. With a firm tug back, my skin slid behind the head. I made him sniff it, then told him to lick it. Told him if he wanted it up his hairy ass, he had to clean my dirty farmer cock, and suck me real good.
Man, did he ever! He really worked his tongue on my meat, really cleaned it good under the head. He slowly worked his lips down the shaft, ate it wet all the way down to the root, something other guys had a hard time doing! I grabbed his beard and jerked his hot mouth up and down on my stiff bone. I fucked his bristly mug until his whiskers were just sloppy - he was just slobbering all over everything!
I led him to an empty stall, told him to climb up on the feed trough and squat. He grabbed the bars of the stanchion, putting his ass at just the right height. I spat on the head of my dick and worked it up against his hairy crack. I told him to hang on tight, and slowly pressed my cockhead up into his meaty hole. ‘If your gonna do it, do it right,’ Dad always said about anything. So I humped him hard as I could, wrapping my arms around that furball and really jammed my cock up into him deep. A fuck he ain’t never gonna forget!
“Oh Jeezus… Yeah, Bull! Breed my fuckin' shit hole!” he hollered. The harder I humped him, the louder he got. “C’mon Bulldozer, cornhole me rough! YEAH! SCREW MY FUCKIN' ASS HARD!!!”
Boy, he was just hollering LOUD! Even some of the cows looked over their stalls to see what all the cussing was about. And if you know cows, getting them to pay attention to much of anything ain’t an easy thing!
I was getting jealous, I dunno, but I told him, hey it’s my turn, I wanna get dicked too. As Matt climbed down from the trough, I dropped to my knees. He grabbed my beard, pushed his skin up over my nose, then pressed it to my lips. He made me lick his day-old, jerk-off cum out of it. Man, his raunchy dick smelled good, tasted bitter-awful as I sucked it, and I loved every dirty damn bit of it.
“Yeah… Clean it up!” he barked. “Slop it up good and wet, Bull, cuz your farmer ass is gonna git fucked! Now git up in your stall!”
I climbed up and grabbed the stanchion like he had, but he stood still. Matt squeezed his fist around the root of his meat, ordered me to work my ass down on it, made me squat my hole onto his dick. He had a really fat, blunt head on that cock, and hell, I ain’t been fucked in over a YEAR I told him. He said he didn’t give a shit. “It’s goin’ up your horny butt, farm boy! Now git your fuck-hole down on it! NOW!”
When Matt talked dirty like that, hell, I’d do anything he told me. But he didn’t give me no time! He yanked down on my shoulders, pulled me and my tight ass right down onto that fat fuckin’ cock and against his furry chest and belly. Gawd it hurt, and my knees were just shaking trying to take it. His beard is scratching in my ear, he's whispering how good my hot hole feels on his knob, how much he wants to cum in me. He's telling me to ‘Give it up Bull, cuz the only place this dick is goin' is up your ass...’
He bucked his hips, driving it in to the hilt. He pulls back just until that knob is really stretching my hole, then stabs it in again! Pulling out real sudden, he drops to his knees and eats my ass like a pig in slop. Then he gets up and bangs that thick, wet meat back in me. Just like that, over and over again. Spit-fucking me mean and rough, but holding me so gentle, I was just confused and I liked it! Man, my hole was so loose and wet, it made squishy sounds with each poke.
Matt squeezed them big, furry arms around me and told me to 'let go of them bars.' He stepped back and just held me there in mid-air. Strong fucker he was, and I’m as big as him. He carried me like that, impaled, like I was nothin' but a feed bag. He bounced me up and down, reaming my fucked-out hole all the way down on his dick, all the way down to the end of the barn.
Matt dumped me on the bales, then straddled me like I did him earlier. He jabbed his throbbing cock in my mouth, telling me to suck my ass-slime off it, telling me to suck it good ‘cuz he’s gonna dump his scum down my throat. His hand wraps around my balls and he bends over, sucking me real hard and fast. When he tugged my skin forward and started jacking it on the head with his fingertips - I just blew! Days and days of backed-up cum shot into his beard and mouth, all over our chests and bellies.
Matt pulled out real sudden. Pumping his dick in one fist and grabbing my beard with the other, he yanked my face right up into his crotch. “Git ready Bull!” he hollers.
He jerked his hand away and froze. A single thick, chunky gop dripped off the swollen end of his meat down into my greedy throat. I’m going crazy! I want all that scum backed up in those hairy balls and he knows it.
Jacking his skin furiously on my lips, he barks and grunts, “Go on! Eat it up! Unnnngh!!!”
Gush after choking gush of hot, bitter cum squirted into my mouth. Before I could even swallow, he crouched down and started kissing me. Big, warm tongue keeps fucking my cum-filled mouth. Big, hairy face crushed into mine; smelling like my dick, my ass, my cum all mixed up with his. I threw my arms around his furry back, hanging on like I wanted to make it last forever!
Right in the middle of this, my tummy started grumbling something awful. I blushed, but he just laughed. Matt patted my belly, saying, “Jeeze after all that… and you’re still hungry, huh?”

Well, the sun was nearly down, and we reckoned it was too late to bother working on the truck anyways. So, we donned our pants and headed to the house for supper. It was nothing fancy, but heck, this seemed special so I tried to make it extra good. Pork chops and creamed peas, my favorite anyways. Been so long since I’d had a guy over, I even got candles for the table. Matt sure looked handsome there in the firelight, and I was so glad he was there with me. But I didn’t know how to say so. I looked down at my plate and there I am, all schmutzed and mumbling tongue-tied to myself again.
“Awww… don’t look so damn worried. I ain’t goin' nowhere,” he said. “Ya want me to stay and hold ya tonight, is that what yer askin’?”
He smiled. His big, furry hand reached across the table and took hold of mine. Gosh, it sure felt warm. I was just turning into a big bowl of mush, thinking of him in my bed, holding me. Then next thing I know, we’re playing footsie and I got a boner again and then there we are, rolling on the kitchen floor doing it all over again!
Matt’s got me pinned, his hand is wrapped around my dick. His beard is nuzzling into mine and he’s whispering, “Old Bull, his joint still needs fixin’, don’t it?”
I glanced over towards the table. The creamed peas and pork chops were just sitting there, half-eaten and getting cold. I was still hungry, but I didn’t care!

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