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Clothes Make The Muscle Bear

Whether you choose to hide what you're packin' - or grow it and show it - There's just too much hot and sexy Bear wear to list. Thick hairy thighs in short-short gym shorts turns my crank. Hairy backed wooly-bully Bears with sweaty, matted fur in stringer tank tees grunting under heavy weights keeps me motivated at the gym. Watching hairy, built muscle guys stripping-down in the locker room before - or after a workout - is often inspirational!
Boxer Jock BriefsHairy Back Bear WearJocks For Furry Butts
UnderArmor BoxerJock

3" 6" 9" Thigh Lengths
Pitbull Stringer Tank

When Less Is More
Classic Athletic Supporter

Timeless Dad-Style

Furry Muscular Bears In Jockstraps

Did furry rumps clad in jock straps ever fall from style as as a Gay fashion trend? It seemed so as a generation of mens support briefs and UnderArmor compression boxers seemed to dominate the locker room undressing scene for awhile. But we're seeing a great resurgence and return of both the classic white athletic jockstrap at the gym, as well as edgy and trendy Gay fashion jocks from the likes of NastyPig, 2Xist and others with, thinner straps, sexier waistbands and more colorful jock and pouch design details.
Athletic Jock StrapPiggy Bear WearSwimmer Strap
2(X)IST Jock Strap

Choice Of Colors
Classic NastyPig Strap

Soft Cotton Pouch
Minimalist Jockstrap

Narrow Waist Band

Here in Palm Springs, we're fortunate enough to have two great Gay clothing and apparel stores, namely Bear Wear and Gay-Mart within spitting distance of each other for some degree of Gay Bear gym wear, clothing and gear. That and Big5 Sporting Goods down the road. But shopping online for Muscle Bear gear and athletic apparel gives such a broader range especially when you like specific clothing brands, styles and know the cut and fit that suits your Bear body.

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